Cookie Policy

Visiting the site, the visitor consents to the use of cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. What are cookies? These are small files that store information on a visitor's computer or mobile device. 

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Cookies are used for the following reasons:

The website always provides its visitors with the option to disable the use of cookies through the settings of the web browser or phone browser being used. However, if the user decides to delete some or all of the cookies, it is likely that the website will not be able to function fully.

How long is the personal data of visitors stored

Personal data provided through is only stored for as long as it is necessary to provide the visitor with all available services. And also to achieve the stated purposes for which this data is collected.

What is access to personal data

The site always guarantees the visitor the right to access the personal data provided.

The visitor has the right to correct incorrect information and delete it, where appropriate.

All websites accessible through have appropriate and up-to-date technical and physical safeguards in place to protect customer data. This is directed against any modification, illegal use and other illegal forms of processing.

Client Rights

In cases where the client is not satisfied with the policy in which his personal data is used, or in cases where he wishes to receive additional information about data processing operations, contact us or the specific website that you use through our website.


The website visitor agrees to the Policy of a particular website, and also consents to all necessary processing or disclosure of his personal data.

What cookies are used

Technical cookies. They are designed for the quality functioning of websites and the convenience of visitors so that they can log into their account and the operation of the website runs smoothly. These cookies improve the performance of, such as helping the visitor load the page content faster. If a website visitor refuses these cookies, the organizer must receive his data every time he visits the website. This will slow down the page loading speed and also extend the time of other processes on the site.

Functional cookies. They are intended to make visiting the website more convenient and enjoyable for users, for example by remembering the language of the website used by the user, the services of interest and other details.

Analytical cookies. They are intended to allow website service providers to gain insight into the activities of website visitors. This allows the website to study and analyze its shortcomings, improvements needed.

In addition to analytical cookies, all information about the Internet browser used by the visitor, the number of clicks on the website, specific click locations and much more that is necessary to improve the website can be collected. The information received is completely anonymous and is not tied to a specific person. It is used for market research, site improvement and visitor behavior analysis.

If the visitor wants to delete all cookies already stored on the computer or stop them, he can do this by deleting the existing cookies. In addition, the client can change the privacy settings of the browser, thereby blocking certain cookies. The process of how this is done can vary. This is because it will depend on the particular internet browser you are using.

Website policy updates reserves the right to amend and update this particular policy to reflect any improvements or changes to the services and products provided by the website. If the client of the site does not agree with any of the changes made, he has the right to stop using the services.