Responsible Gaming

We make sure that our customers are responsible. On the our website describes lotteries that are intended solely for entertainment purposes, without turning into a bad habit or a source of profit. This page is needed to get acquainted with the available information on how to notice the problem in time, how to deal with it and where to go for help.

What is gambling

Gambling has been a popular form of entertainment for centuries. Not only are they exciting, but they also have the added value of winnings if you're lucky. To keep this longtime pastime fun and exciting, it's important to play responsibly.

While most players play within their limits, many players also experience gambling problems and find it difficult to overcome them. Gambling can become problematic if customers use it as a source of income or play for more than they can afford to lose. The Responsible Gaming Program is designed to protect players and prevent the development of problematic gaming behavior.

Unfortunately, many visitors may ignore responsible gambling programs because they do not consider themselves to be problem gamblers. It is necessary to solve the problem of terminology and perception. It is very important to notice the appearance of a problem in time in order to stop the development of the disease.

What does it mean to play responsibly

Responsible gambling means taking breaks between games, not using gambling as a source of income, playing only with money you can afford to lose, and setting limits (both time and money) for yourself. Setting limits is actually easier online, as many online gambling sites offer options that allow players to set limits directly on the site. The presence of limits is an important factor, which is also taken into account when evaluating the totalizator.

Playing safe and taking breaks from gambling is your right as a player.

How to recognize the symptoms

Unfortunately, there are no obvious signs of gambling addiction, as in the case of other addictions, most of the time the player himself may not notice that frequent gaming becomes a problem. However, the main feature is that the site visitor cannot stop.

More common symptoms:

How to improve the situation

There are no unsolvable situations, so you need to start with the awareness of the problem and its purposeful solution. In order to understand how best to help yourself, you need to understand the causes of the problem. Having discovered the cause of addiction, you need to start taking steps towards recovery, to understand whether you can cope on your own or you need the help of loved ones and specialists. 

Where to start:

If the above does not help you and you do not have the ability to fully control the placement of bets and the time you spend on the sweepstakes website, we recommend that you limit your opportunities for playing, this can be done through the technical options on the sweepstakes website, for example, setting limits on the maximum rates and turnover or, if necessary, blocking the user account.

If you are unable to set limits on your user profile yourself, please contact support. If you cannot control the money you spend, contact your bank to limit your spending.

What to do in case of addiction

If it is difficult to cope with the problem on your own, contact the specialists by calling the hotline number. Hotlines are available 24 hours a day and you can be sure that this information is 100% confidential. When you seek help, you can be sure that you will receive valuable help information near where you live. Feel free to seek guidance and additional resources for treating gambling addiction. It is very valuable that the hotline is intended not only for problem players, but also for their family members, relatives or friends.

Be sure to contact the bookmaker or other gambling site to see if they have self-exclusion programs. These programs allow players to request that their gaming privileges be restricted. The idea behind the self-exclusion program is that the person recognizes that they have a gambling problem and wants to deal with it. It is important that family members provide support by encouraging the player to seek treatment options and offering their support at this stage of life.